Portion Controlled, Fat Burning Food Delivered to your Door

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Ketogenic Real Food Delivered

Offering the only bespoke solution of its kind in Europe, The Natural Ketosis Company’s food is uniquely developed to be:

All Natural

To eat, as nature intended, Natural Ketosis Whole Food is made with all natural ingredients and therefore does not contain any artificial sweeteners or additives. This ensures all Natural Ketosis Food is healthy and nutritious.

Each of our quality ingredients are not only selected for their nutritional benefits, but also to ensure you can enjoy tasty, natural flavours in every meal.

Fat Burning

The Natural Ketosis Company’s expertly developed foods consist of a special combination of ingredients to help the body switch energy reserves to burn fat, known as ketosis.

The Natural Ketosis high protein foods, which are low in starches and sugars are also high in fibre and nutrient rich.

Each meal is portion controlled

Changes Palate

By eating natural foods, free of sugar, your palate and tastes change and free your body from craving sweet foods, which makes maintaining weight loss, once you move away from Natural Ketosis foods, easier.

When your body has become more naturally attuned to eating the foods which keep it nourished and healthy, maintaining weight loss is something the body becomes naturally inclined to do.

Nutrient-rich Real food is essential to the success of The Programme, as it will do most of the hard work for you. It is pivotal in ensuring you keep weight off after the completion of a Natural Ketosis Programme.

Natural Ketosis vs. Normal Low Calorie Diet

Natural Ketosis Food

The Natural Ketosis Programme provides foods which are virtually free of sugar and starch but high protein, high fibre, packed with essential nutrients; which not only provide 100% of your daily nutritional requirements*, but will trigger your body into burning excess body fat. The high protein in every meal not only provides essential building blocks for healthy muscles and bodies, but will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Low Calorie Food

Low calorie diet food may look the same as Natural Ketosis Food but cannot trigger Ketosis because they are packed with cheap sugars and starches. The lower levels of protein will make the food cheaper but will not keep you feeling fuller for longer. 
The sugar in these foods is not nutritionally rich and is only used as a quick energy supply by the body. What is not used immediately by the body, is then stored as fat.

* When combined with the selection of fruit, veg and dairy as recommended by The Natural Ketosis Programme.

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