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February' 2016

The Hidden Sugars in High Street Coffee Shops

An investigation carried out by the UK Charity Action on Sugar, revealed this week that some UK coffee chains’ flavoured drinks can contain up to 25 teaspoons of sugar - 4 times more than that recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Why So Much?

Sugar is a popular ingredient in many products, not just in flavoured drinks, but also in many popular foods on the supermarket shelves.

Why not try to take a closer look at the full list of ingredients in the products you purchase on a regular basis?  You’ll be surprised to see that sugar (or other forms of it as it can be found under a variety of different names) can be present in the most unlikely of products.

Sugar is a popular ingredient as is it an excellent preservative. It also tastes really good and most importantly it is a cheap ingredient.

How Does Sugar Contribute to Disease?

Studies continue to show the adverse health implications associated with consuming too much sugar in all its forms. Consuming too much sugar is toxic and this puts extra pressure on the liver to process it and to minimise the damage it can cause.

Too much sugar in the blood stream can cause damage to organs.  Too much sugar in your food routine will also be stored as body fat. If you continue with high sugar eating habits, this will cause your body to not use your unwanted body fat for energy. Our bodies have an unlimited storage capacity for body fat.

Hence, stored fat, which is brought about from consuming excess sugars will cause inflammation in the body. Underlying body inflammation is not healthy as studies continually show that it is a factor contributing to a variety of conditions such as metabolic syndrome, heart disease,  type 2 diabetes as well as certain autoimmune conditions. Studies are also shining light on the issue that certain neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease may be caused by excessive sugars in the diet.

Bottom Line - Real Food

Eating too much sugar is not good for overall health. Here at Natural Ketosis we understand the importance of eating well and making the right choices to lose weight and to improve health.




Staying Motivated - Our Tips for Success

Making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight is a big step and putting this resolution into action is an even bigger step. However it is also important to stay motivated on your journey to help you reach your goals. Here are Natural Ketosis’ tips for staying motivated on your journey in 2016.

Do not weigh and measure yourself everyday

This is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to ensure you remain motivated. If you weigh yourself every day you are putting pressure on yourself to notice a change each day.

The body undergoes natural fluctuations daily and so one day it could look like a gain has occurred, causing you to think/feel negatively, which will have an impact on your motivation levels. Stick with weighing once a week!

Stay aware of everything you have achieved already and keep your goals in mind

Think about what you have already achieved, have you noticed a change in your health or already dropped a dress size? Reaffirm your overall goals and always keep them in mind.

Always recognise your success

This could be anything; from as little as saying no to the piece of cake offered to you at work, to being able to reduce certain health medications. Everything you achieve and  all goals you reach are important and are a great way to keep you motivated to reach your overall goal.

Keep a visible record of your progress

Having a visible display of your weekly or monthly results, which is kept somewhere you will see it often, will help boost your motivation. Post your results on a graph and keep it on the fridge or have it taped to your mirror where you get ready in the morning. Also try marking key milestones within your journey clearly so they are visible to you.

Add variety to your routine

Breaking up the norm can make things a little more interesting and allow you to maintain your motivation. For example if you feel that you always have the same vegetables for dinner try adding in new options, or try some of the KetoKooks recipes to make your meals a little more exciting.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Here at Natural Ketosis we understand that life can get in the way of our health and weight loss goals. This is why we have developed different options to suit different circumstances. We also help develop tailored plans, so do not panic if you do not see something that may work for you - get in touch with us.