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January' 2016

Make 2016 Your Year To Succeed

It’s the start of a new year. This is usually accompanied by a set of resolutions to help you stay motivated to reach your goals this year. When it comes to food, at this time of year everyone seems to be on the same page - with our social media homepages filled with recipes and how-to-guides about swapping old food habits for newer, healthy ones. Natural Ketosis is here to help you succeed.


Eating chicken breast and salad day in day out can become boring quite quickly. Self-discipline is key to get the results you want however, food is also meant to be enjoyed. So how do you avoid getting the kitchen blues and throwing in the towel?

Here at Natural Ketosis we have worked hard to understand the relationship between what we eat and how this impacts on weight loss. However we also understand that food is meant to be enjoyed. This is why we have worked very hard to design tasty whole meals that will not only give you that dining experience but also help give your body the nutrition it requires to lose weight and most importantly keeping it off long term.

So What’s on the Menu?

So why not swap your chicken breast and salad for one of our meals? The Natural Ketosis food range re-invents classics such as sausage casserole, red Thai chicken curry, beef in peppercorn sauce, to slow cooked lamb casserole, and many more.

All our meals are high in protein, nutritionally balanced and go very well with a number of side dishes such as grilled aubergines, artichokes with goat’s cheese, the list is endless.

Not a keen cook? Then simply pick your vegetables of choice from the list we recommend and add it to a Natural Ketosis meal. The end result is a tasty nutritious meal ready in minutes!

By feeding your body correctly, you are ensuring that you are consuming the necessary building blocks required for overall health and to change your habits for good!

Following the Natural Ketosis approach to weight loss, you are also actively meeting your energy needs through your unwanted stored body fat. A nutrition regimen such as the one offered by Natural Ketosis allows your body to reduce the amount of unwanted body fat, resulting in a change on the scale but most importantly also a positive change to your body shape.

Eat Right

Unfortunately there is no shortcut. The only way to lose fat and keeping it off long term is to eat right. By this, here at Natural Ketosis, we mean real food.

So what are you waiting for? Feed your body correctly and start enjoying food again. Natural Ketosis has done all the hard work so that you can start reaping the benefits!


We are happy to help. So if you have any further questions or would like to know how switching your diet can help you achieve your goals, then please do get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to help.