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December' 2014

Slimology: The Relatively Simple Science of Slimming - Book Review

Sam Feltham is a personal trainer dedicated to helping individuals to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. After years of advising people to follow the current eatwell recommendations and seeing them fail in their attempt at obtaining and maintaining their goals, Sam decided to delve deeper into the science underpinning current weight loss paradigms. What he found made him change his advice which in turn has helped people to successfully achieve - and maintain -  their goals.


In his book Slimology: The Relatively Simple Science of Slimming, Sam does an excellent job at simplifying the complex biochemical backstory that is achieving weight loss. Sam helps to describe the political backdrop that has led to current weight loss advice to be seen as infallible and exempt from criticism. He then systematically goes through dismantling these theories, whilst all the way backing his arguments with solid science. In short, Sam exposes the current healthy eating dietary advice to be incorrect and unhelpful at achieving a truly healthy lifestyle.

Throughout the book, Sam eloquently makes the case about the importance of real food and the importance of decreasing sugar and starch intake to not only achieve weight loss, but also overall health.

To further illustrate his case that a calorie is indeed not a calorie, and that the origin of foods is important, Sam self-investigates this by subjecting himself to 4 different over-feeding regimens to see what physiological impact these regimens will have first hand. For some it will come as a surprise that, after overfeeding himself 56,654 calories, accumulated over the course of 21 days, Sam managed to lose 3 cm off his waist and only gained 1.3kg! What regimen was he following? - The Low Carb High Fat real foods regimen.

This book is an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to know more about why after having tried almost every weight loss regimen under the sun, the majority of them do not work. Sam’s humour and perspective on things is infectious and will certainly get you motivated to make a positive change to your lifestyle.

If you are looking to change your lifestyle routine, this book will certainly help guide you in the right direction, as it provides excellent advice on what type of exercise regimens to follow as well as delicious real food recipes to help you get motivated. The presence of a 30 day Lifestyle Diary also advocates the importance of self-reflection as this approach allows you to see any patterns emerging in your behaviour, thereby giving you the chance to turn these around and help you stay focused and achieve your goals.  

Weight loss and health are not simply the results of calculating energy intake, but about maintaining your hormones balanced, especially insulin, and your inflammation markers low. For optimal benefits, it is important to ensure that real food is the core of your nutrition regimen. Here at Natural Ketosis we believe that real food is key to keeping healthy and slimmer forever.

For more information about Sam, visit: and follow him on Twitter: @SamFeltham 

Is a Low Carbohydrate Diet a “Fad Diet”?

Earlier this week, the British Dietetic Association published its annual review of the top 5 worst celebrity diets to help you achieve weight loss and good health. A low carbohydrate diet was not on the list. In this blog we explain how this way of eating translates into a healthy balanced diet that will help you not only lose weight and inches, but also help towards improving your overall health.  



When people hear the word low-carb, they instantly think Atkins diet – high fat, very low to no carbs. This confusion should be excused because the media rarely differentiate between low-carb and no-carb diets and even health professionals are frequently confused.


So how are you expected to make an informed decision that is going to benefit your health?


The Natural Ketosis way of doing things is quite simple. We promote a low-carb, high-protein, moderate-fat diet. Although we are in the same school of thought as Atkins, our approach to diet and lifestyle is different.


On our well formulated diet we embrace those carbohydrates that are based on dietary fibre rather than simple and/or complex carbohydrates. The difference between these carbohydrates is the way they are digested within the body. By choosing these vegetables and fruits, the essential micronutrient requirements are met whilst ensuring no blood sugar spikes in the progress.


The importance of fat in the diet is often taken for granted as fat has been on the receiving end of bad press for years. Fat needs to form part of a healthy diet as it is an important carrier of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K. Once fat is removed from the diet, deficiencies of these vitamins start to become apparent. Having said that, it is important to differentiate the good fats i.e. those found in full-fat dairy items full of essential micronutrients from bad-fats i.e. those found in deep-fried products, and mass-produced confectionary.


Protein in the diet is also critical as our bodies cannot store protein. Hence, we need a constant supply each day. Our bodies require protein to build muscle and repair any internal damage. One of the main arguments critics put forward against a high-protein diet is that it causes kidney damage however there have been no studies to show that high-protein diets cause any kidney damage or any other risks to human health.


The Natural Ketosis way is about learning to make the right choices and having a healthy relationship with food.