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February' 2013

1 in 3 Gym Goers Don't Break a Sweat

At this time of year it seems like almost everyone has taken out an expensive gym membership, and seem to spend far too much of their time there.

A new article in the Guardian has made the claim that these so called ‘gym rats’ may not even be undertaking a rigorous workout while they are there. Preferring to take advantage of the spa facilities, big screen TV’s and volume of the opposite sex.

And all this time we non-gym goers have been the guilty ones. Well, no more.


The survey of 2000 gym users by the sports equipment company Kettler has shown that ¼ of gym users admit they spend more time relaxing in the spa facilities than they do working out. Even though 1/3 of the respondents said they would not break a sweat at the gym, only ½ of the people asked will actually complete a serious workout.

Some of the common reasons provided for not completing an intense workout are; they are there to ogle the opposite sex, don’t know how to use the equipment and don’t want to sweat. It will come as no surprise then that only two thirds of gym members feel they get the most out of their membership fees.

Some gym fees can stack up to £2,000 per year.  That seems like a lot of money to lounge by the pool and sit in a sauna for a year. Of course warming down is an important part of exercise, but it is not as important if you haven’t broken a sweat in the first place. You can’t warm down if you haven’t heated up.

You have to ask yourself if your money would be better spent elsewhere.

Luckily the gym is not the be all and end all to weight loss. On the Natural Ketosis Programme, exercise is not strictly necessary, as fast and sustainable weight loss is possible without it. By putting yourself into the natural fat burning state of ketosis, your body burns fat stores to provide the energy it needs to sustain itself. Forget about the gym, save your money.

An extremely bold 13% of the respondents claim to go to the gym, but in fact go somewhere else entirely. Next time you hear someone say “I’m off to the gym” as they leave work, check the closest pub.

New Weight Loss Research Released

There is some new research that has surfaced in the last week that has suggested some surprising ideas to help aid weight loss.


New researches from the Forum of Academic Deception (FAD) have released their latest results into fringe weight loss techniques and it makes for striking reading.

First and most surprising of all was that by standing on 1 leg you are likely to burn twice as many calories. They did add that you must also tie both hands behind your back. This must also be done for atleast 18 hours of the day.

Amazingly, dieters that underwent these additional dieting techniques consumed far less during the day than the control group of dieters that weren’t standing around all day on one leg with both hands behind their backs. It’s amazing when science throws out results that no one could expect.

FAD also made the extravagant claim that the orbit of Mars has an incredible impact on an individual’s attempting to lose weight. Apparently if Mars is on the far side of the sun, any individual’s weight loss is increased by 20%.

Of course all of this is absolute rubbish. But it doesn’t seem far off what some FAD diets would come out with. But the idea of eating lunch slightly earlier increasing weight loss seems to fit in quite well in the company of ideas mentioned earlier.

We often look for grandiose methods to help us lose weight quickly, but the truth is that for effective and sustainable weight loss, you have to make changes for life and cannot depend on the latest trend.

Eating real, natural food is a great first step to start your weight loss. By removing carbohydrates and sugars you are compelling your body to burn body fat. This way your body is burning fat, without you having to spend your life in a gym. Or on one leg with both hands behind your back for that matter.

Don’t worry about restricting yourself to eating certain meals at certain times. We suggest that you eat regularly throughout the day, on natural foods whilst keeping clear of all cheap carbohydrates and sugar filled products. No Tricks. No Fads.