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September' 2012

Women feel to blame when they don’t achieve weight loss success

The Express online have written an article which explains that woman can be left feeling extremely upset after failing a diet, and when this happens they end up blaming themselves rather than the diet.

The article is based on research by Hannah Sutter, the founder of The Natural Ketosis Company. 501 woman aged between 35 and 55 took part in the study. The women were three stones or more overweight, and 90 per cent of these women blamed themselves for their weight.

The study also concluded that 62 per cent of the 334 women who had been on a diet in the past three months, had put the weight that they had lost back on. 39 per cent of the women who regained the weight felt that diet companies made them feel like it was their fault.

At The Natural Ketosis Company we believe that our Bespoke Weight Loss Programme is the beginning of a lifestyle change. We want our members to not only lose weight but also maintain their weight loss for life.

We understand how important support is to ensure that weight loss is sustainable. We have individual Personal Consultants who will phone their members every week to see how their weight loss is progressing and our members are also encouraged to call their Personal Consultant if they have any questions.

We also have an excellent in house nutrition team, our Qualified Nutritionists are integral to the success of the Natural Ketosis Programme. In the later stages of The Programme, they provide our members with advice and support. This ensures that every member has the knowledge to allow them to follow this way of living long after they have completed their Programme.

This balance of support and education gives our members the tools they require in order to keep their weight off once they finish their Programme.

It is not right for people to blame themselves when they fail to lose weight.  Weight loss companies have a responsibility to ensure that their customers are given as much information and support as possible in order to ensure success in the long term.

What do you believe? Have you ever felt like a diet company has left you feeling like it was your fault and not theirs when your weight loss was not as successful as you hoped?